Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what a proposal planner does, or why you might need one?

We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you decide whether The Proposal Planners is for you:

  • How much time do I need to organise my romantic event?

    Please reach out to us around 4 weeks from the date of your intended event. This allows us plenty of time to determine what you'd love to include; then research, book, and put together all the elements of your romantic surprise so that everything is perfect on the day!

  • What does a proposal planner do?

    A proposal planner saves you stress, time and money by helping you refine your proposal idea, provide recommendations when you’re not sure what is available or researches the elements you want included. We then coordinate all the moving parts of your perfect proposal by sourcing suppliers, discreetly coordinating bookings and payments, and wrapping it all together in your own personalised itinerary.

  • Ok, but why should I choose The Proposal Planners?

    The Proposal Planners are your local event professionals who will coordinate the moving parts of your romantic event and give you the freedom to get creative - without the stress. We’ve done the research and can offer you many unique ideas and interesting experiences currently available in New Zealand.

    We pride ourselves on our work, and always go above and beyond to ensure you and your partner have that picture-perfect experience.

    To see some examples of our previous work, check out our Instagram Page @theproposalplannersnz!

  • What do I get in the ‘Bespoke Option – Design Your Dream Proposal’ package?

    Our 'Bespoke Option - Design Your Dream Proposal' is designed to help you create your dream proposal.

    You will be assigned your very own Proposal Planner who will guide you through a simple and stress-free journey – from the ideas process through to the picture-perfect moment that was lovingly designed by you, for your loved one!

    We will source, negotiate, and book with three suppliers on your behalf. For example:

    • 1x Venue/location (including all in house services provided by the venue, such as catering and styling where applicable)
    • 1x Event stylist (including all styling elements such as furniture, florals and catering where applicable)
    • 1x Photographer/videographer (including a digital album of professionally edited photos)

    This option is also suitable for romantic events such as anniversaries, dates, or mates dates!

    For more information, head to the 'Bespoke Option - Design Your Dream Proposal' page here.

  • How does using a proposal planner save me money?

    We have already done the hard work and negotiated great prices with even greater experience providers, event stylists, florists and photographers so that you don’t have to!

  • Where in New Zealand do you assist with proposals?

    Almost everywhere! We have wonderful suppliers in almost every region of New Zealand and we are adding new packages all the time!

  • It looks like you help a lot of people from overseas, what about the locals?

    All the time! We love helping our fellow kiwis with their proposal plans just as much as visitors to the wonderful land of Aotearoa.

  • I already know what I want to do, can you just help me put it together?

    Absolutely! Head to our 'Bespoke Option - Design Your Dream Proposal' page for more information!

  • I don’t want my partner to find out before the day, how do you make sure this doesn’t happen?

    Our team are very discreet and ensure that we only contact you via the method you nominate. We will only ever refer to ourselves as “Propplan” so as not to raise any suspicion! We charge one fee for the full package then arrange all ongoing payments and coordination with suppliers on your behalf. Finally, unless there is an emergency or you need to get in touch with us (e.g. running late), it will be total radio silence from us on the day!

  • Will my partner be mad if they found out I used a planner?

    Every couple who has used our services has been ecstatic with how their day turned out and we are confident you and your partner will feel just the same. This is because YOU are part of the planning every step of the way and you make the big decisions about how the moment will look – we simply give you all the tools to make the moment as special as possible!

  • Do you assist with proposals for same sex couples?

    Our team are proud supporters of the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ community and we only work with suppliers who feel the same way!

  • What about women who want to propose to their male partner?

    We are more than happy to help anyone who is looking to create that special romantic experience for their partner!