The perfect proposal takes time and a decent amount of planning and coordinating – often all in complete secrecy. Add a new country or location into the mix and it can be daunting!

By involving a local event professional to coordinate the moving parts of your romantic event, you now have the freedom to really get creative without the stress. We’ve done the research and can offer you unique ideas and all sorts of interesting experiences currently available on the market.

From a low-key private event to something public and extravagant, our team are here to help you refine your plan; collate it all into your own private web page itinerary and ensure every element is delivered exactly how you imagined – helping you save time, money and confusion. Don’t have a plan yet? We can help with that too!

We pride ourselves in our work, and always go above and beyond to ensure you and your partner have that picture-perfect experience.


A romantically styled picnic setting with a view, delicious platter of savouries and sweets and perhaps a bottle of bubbly for you to enjoy with your loved one!
Did you and your partner bond over your love of food? Let us help you organise the ultimate foodies date with our huge list of fabulous eateries and a gorgeously styled dining space!
Are you and your partner huge sports fans? Talk to us about how we can make you and your date the stars of the next sports match!
Dress to impress, jump in your pre-arranged luxury car and enjoy an incredible evening together at a high-end restaurant, followed by a nights stay nearby, where you and your date will arrive to a styled room complete with balloons and roses!
Does hiking, sailing, flying, cycling or other outdoor activities sound like your thing? We have a country-wide arsenal of adventures and exclusive partners ready for the most thrill seeking of couples!
Thinking of road trip and private weekend away where you can enjoy each others company with no distractions? Let us help you plan the perfect weekend getaway!
Looking to impress and go all out abroad? With the help of our exclusive partners, we can help you organise a romantic overseas trip you and your partner will never forget!
Have something else in mind, or want a combination of two or three packages? Our team can help you to create a perfectly personalised plan to suit you and your loved one!